ZedSpine 3D

3D Preoperative Planning Software for Spine

ZedSpine 3D




Calculating parameters & creating bone model

Simulation of universal pedicle Screws in diameter & length

Optimal preparation with entry angle of pedicle screws

Compatible with all common PACS systems

Calculation of useful 3D parameters and measurements


ZedSpine 3D is 3D planning software for simulating length and diameter of pedicle screws. A very simple segmentation mode makes it possible to select and measure relevant vertebra in a short time.


Universal pedicle screws can be individually configured with diameter and length and transferred to the images. It is also possible to check screw entering point by switching MPR image display to X-ray image by DRR (Digitally Reconstructed Radiograph) function. The angle of entry of respective screws is displayed and documented.


As a planning basis for intra-operative procedure, a detailed report can be generated.

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