ZedShoulder 3D

3D Preoperative Planning Software for Shoulder Arthroplasty

ZedShoulder 3D



3 in 1 Step - easy segmentation, calculating parameters & creating bone model

Bone transplantation simulation

Quick Implant positioning

Compatible with all common PACS systems

ROM (range of motion)

Calculation of useful 3D parameters and measurements


3D planning of shoulder arthroplasties for both TSA and RSA. ZedShoulder 3D has important metrics for pre-operative analysis and automatic positioning of shoulder prosthesis.


3 in 1 algorithm:

it’s a leading foundation in technology. ZedShoulder 3D combines three important attributes: segmentation of scapula and humerus, parameterization of bones, as well as calculation of relevant measurements in 3D.


The selection of shoulder prosthesis to be planned is structured well and user can choose very intuitively with an option to display preferred prosthesis in intelligent database. Each individual fixing screw can be selected from the menu,

and used for planning easily.

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