ZedHip 2.5D

Next Generation Preop. Planning - Ideal for your private medical practices

ZedHip 2.5D

Antetorsion angle of stem and cup changeable

Compatible with all common PACS systems

Planning of modular- Systems for total replacement

Large selection of popular implants

Easy positioning of implants incl. compatibility information

ROM (range of motion)

Automatic resection and simulation

Automatic and manual measurements

Range of motion of implants in 2D

Suitable for EndoCert or similar certification systems

ZedHip 2.5 D can perform two-dimensional planning of total hip arthroplasty using X-ray images. Thanks to “DICOM Query / Retrieve” function, ZedView can work with standard PACS systems.


After calibrating X-ray image with a 25mm reference- sphere (available from LEXI Europe) and digitizing landmarks, various parameters are calculated and displayed. These points are used to position 2D planning templates on pelvis and femur.

1-click reposition: this feature automatically repositions femur and stem according to cup center. After a few seconds, planning can be transferred as an individual report to in-house PACS system for documentation. Optionally a comprehensive planning report can also be printed out as a basis for intra- operative procedure. 


Range of Motion in 2D!

With this function, it can be analyzed whether the prothesis edge on lateral acetabulum collides with stem.

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