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Register today for LEXI ACADEMIC*! In this community, you have full access to user manuals, CT requirement forms, and video tutorials that make you the real 3D planning specialist. Click here for join LEXI ACADEMIC*.

*Make sure that we can only verify qualified personnel for LEXI ACADEMIC.


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Instructions for Use is provided electronically.
If you can not find e-IFU, please contact us.

To properly view all provided Instructions For Use, you need to have the latest Adobe® Reader® (*) installed.

You can download the latest version by clicking on Get Adobe® Reader®.

To request a printed copy of an electronic IFU, please contact us and we will deliver a copy within 7 working days.

(*) Adobe Reader is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated.

Remote Support

We are here for you!

Using the following link, we can start the remote session for installations or small briefings. Please make sure that your computer has an Internet connection.

DEMO Licenserequest

Just make an online request for your personal ZedView 3D license.

License Activation

Activate or renew your ZedView 3D License!

Tel: +49 911 148 861 03

Fax: +49 911 148 861 03 0

Gruendlacher Strasse 304 - 90765 Fuerth (Germany)

Tel: +49 911 148 861 03

Fax: +49 911 148 861 03 0

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