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Planen Sie bereits Ihre Hüft-, Knie-, Schulter- und Trauma Fälle in 3D? Probieren Sie ZedView 3D jetzt aus ...


TraumaCad 2D

ZedHip 3D

ZedKnee 3D

ZedKnee JIGEN 3D

ZedShoulder 3D

ZedTrauma 3D

ZedOsteotomy 3D


ZedSpine 3D

ZedHip 2.5D

ZedKnee 2.5D

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LEXI Cloud

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Clinical Studies, Presentations & Publications

Learn more about the need and safety aspects of clinical trials

our software modules. ZedView 3D was developed with doctors - for doctors.

ZedView 3D and TraumaCad 2D LIVE!!!

Arrange an appointment today with one of our qualified employees. We gladly come to you in the hospital or practice and introduce you personally to our software components.

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ZedView live! Prof. Alfred Karbowski from the Krankenhaus der Augustinerinnen in Cologne talks about the advantages of 3D joint planning

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