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Business Development Manager

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Business Strategy Manager

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Business Development Manager

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Akio Seitoku

President in LEXI Co., Ltd.

CEO in LEXI Europe

Erisa Niwa

International Marketing Group

in LEXI Co., Ltd.

Masaaki Furue

International Marketing Group Manager

in LEXI Co., Ltd.

LEXI Europe – a short introduction ...

LEXI Europe GmbH started in spring 2017 as subsidiary of LEXI Co. Japan, to launch the well-established preoperative orthopedic planning software ZedView from Japan in Europe.


Our team is focused on Central Europe, the Middle East, Russia and Africa (EMEAR).


As early as 1993, LEXI engineers started to develop functional medical planning solutions. 

Today´s LEXI orthopedic surgery solutions allows surgeons to create an efficient and safe planning of procedures such as hip or knee endo prosthetics (THA & TKA). We are one of the first companies worldwide which started to develop preoperative software for the complete digitization of the planning. With the help of automatic routines, a very advanced algorithm for bone segmentation and numerous further developments for revisions, doctors save a lot of time compared to conventional film planning and increase their operation output as well as the QoL of the patient.


LEXI has also adapted itself to the market requirements in the EMEAR region. We offer an expanded solution portfolio with regard to X-ray planning (2.5D), several intraoperative tools developed with specialists which leading to very high accuracies of conventional surgery.



Last but not least, LEXI Europe offers an efficient, user-friendly and fair licensing. The Cost-effectiveness is therefore almost unbeatable.


Our team is looking forward to showing you our advanced solutions and to introduce you with our numerous advantages.

Tel: +49 911 148 861 03

Fax: +49 911 148 861 03 0

Gruendlacher Strasse 304 - 90765 Fuerth (Germany)

Tel: +49 911 148 861 03

Fax: +49 911 148 861 03 0

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